Art Director, creative leader, designer, brand builder, artist.

I'm driven by the investigative nature of creative work. I never stop searching for ways to do things smoother, faster, better, to make a stronger impact, to communicate more clearly. Over the course of my career, I've built diverse approaches to discover and lead visual development down the right path to fully realized, impactful brand creative design.



"...by knowing every nut, lockwasher, and cotter pin I could have a machine that had some meaning to me."
– from Truck by John Jerome

Motor Skills is a blog that has existed in different formats in the past. Its current version is mostly about restoring my 1969 Mustang but really about everything. Having grown up the son of a hot–rodder, from an early age I've enjoyed the smell of gasoline and garages and have been comforted by the low, throaty rumble of a souped–up V8. The wrench–turning, nut and bolt simplicity of a pre–1970 car provides a welcome contrast to the screen–time world.



"Here's how I define punk: It's a free space. It could be called jazz. It could be called hip-hop. It could be called blues, or rock, or beat. It could be called techno. It's just a new idea."
Ian MacKaye

Survive a day without music? Not likely.
As the name suggests Soundtrack is about the music that's on heavy rotation in my ear buds and its power to shape the experience of a given time. Content is mostly punk, metal, hardcore and indie rock, but there's also the occasional foray into blues or jazz or cheesy 80's pop metal. It's not about what's new and definitely not about what's popular, but what's keeping me humming.


This is the personal website of Art Director / Designer / Artist / Musicain / Blogger / etc. Jonathan Macy Biggs; online since 2002. Contents include portfolios of design work and paintings, resume and two blogs: Motor Skills and Soundtrack.

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